Theatre Installation - Bringing you the 'BIG' picture


Right, you've bought the gear, now what? There is more to a Home Theatre than just big picture and sound. There is also the look and the feel. NQHT can expertly install all of your Audio Visual equipment, leaving you to sit back and enjoy your investment. Whether it be mounting the TV on the wall, putting the projector up on the ceiling or hiding all those cables, we've got you covered.

What about calibration? The TV or sound system you just bought is optimised for the retail showroom and not your space. NQHT can expertly calibrate both your visual display and your sound system so that you are getting the best performance possible out of your system.

Haven't bought yet? NQHT have available a carefully selected range of Audio Visual equipment that we have installed and evaluated over time. The products we supply are the result of years of experience and are designed to help guide you through the mind field of all the different brands, models on the market. Bottom line is that we know what works with what and are happy to pass that knowledge on to our clients. And our pricing is the best you'll find in Townsville.

We encourage our clients to research and shop for the products they want and like and we are only too happy to advise on a specific product before purchase.

Building a new house? Get NQHT involved from the get go. Once you have your building plan, we can design a system that's right for you. We can provide AV and Data wiring diagrams, along with concept designs and installation schematics. All of the pre-planing will shine through in the finished product. Don't leave it to the electrician either. Electricians are really good at running power cables around the house but miss the mark when it comes to the refinement required for Audio Visual installations. A lot of people have not engaged the services of an AV specialist early enough in the construction process and have learnt that what they wanted is no longer possible. Don't make that same mistake. Call us today and we will make sure that all of the pieces are put in place to achieve a truely unique experience at your premises.


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