Epson EB-430W


The Epson EB430 is a short throw projector designed to work in areas where space is tight. The EB-430W manages an impressive 80" picture at a distance of 83cm, which is insanely close and easily matches the performance of projectors twice the cost.
With a lumens count of 3000, the EB-430W will comfortably operate under full fluro lighting and the picture isn't degraded by indirect natural light. This makes it perfect for open living rooms and outdoor undercover entertainment areas.
The EB-430W is also an easy choice for apartments owners where there is no access to a ceiling cavity as the projector can be mounted straight onto the wall it projects on.
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Epson EH-TW8000


  • High Precision Short Throw Lens – virtually eliminate both glare in the presenter’s eyes, and shadows blocking the content for the audience
  • Optional Interactive Functionality – Turn any hard surface into an interactive workspace with the ELP-IU03 Interactive Module
  • Advanced Networking Capability – Enables users to monitor, control and present from a remote location
  • Broad Connectivity Including HDMI – HDMI, USB display, PC Free slideshows, network* and optional wireless connectivity* (*model dependent)
  • 16W Built-in Speaker – Built in audio with the power to fill a classroom

Price guide - RRP is $1299 but some good haggling should net one for around $1200.00

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