What's the first thing you think of when you hear Movie Theatre? Big screen right? LED, LCD and Plasma are great displays but tend to be a liitle expensive once you go past the 60 inch mark. How's about 100 inch? 120 inch? or even 300 inch? A Projector is the only way you are going to achieve these types of sizes. Sure, projectors can't deliver the same deep blacks as plasma or the 16 billion colours that a LED can but neither of these can beat the 'WOW' of a 120 inch picture at 25% of the power consumption.

Projectors are becoming more and more popular especially in dedicated home theatre rooms but also are beginning to show up in living rooms and even bedrooms. Accompany a projector with a electric screen and have roll down and roll up at the touch of a button, making it a very practical choice in multi use rooms such as the living room.

Below are a few projectors that are a cut above when it comes to quality reliablity.

New Epson Range Epson EB-1850W Epson EB-430W
Mitsubishi HC-4000 Epson EH-TLS10000 Mitsubishi EW270U


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