Security Cameras


Security cameras are fast becoming a standard inclusion in many new home being built. Business has been utilising the effectiveness of security cameras as a liable deterent to burgulary for years and now that same reiablity and peace of mind has begun to flow over to the domestic market. We stock only quality cameras and recorders that are set and forget but work when you need it. We use and recommend AXIS, EVO and Panasonic cameras and recorders.

Security surveillance cameras are unfortunately becoming a necessity more and more these days with ever increasing crime. Protect your home today with one of our great systems.

Also make sure your security camera installer is licenced. There are lot of people running around installing security cameras who don't hold a current licence to do so.
NQHTS is fully licenced to advise, install and configure all security camera products and software. Call us today for a free onsite inspection and quote









Product of the Week

Image result for xzone4The XZone4 Four-Stream, Four-Zone Audio system is a complete streaming media solution that gives Russound installers a single-box package that is easy to install via a simple browser-based configuration, using a smartphone, tablet or laptop. XZone has 4 independent AirPlay zones, so everyone in the house can enjoy their own selections. Contact us today for pricing

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